Incentive Travel should be fun, exciting and at the same time luxurious. These out-of-the-ordinary travel experiences have long been established as successful marketing tools for staff and clients alike. By taking your company’s philosophy under consideration as well as any recent marketing campaigns you may have, Profiteam will be able to tailor-make an exciting, successful and budget conscious travel programme in Finland. Excursions on an original icebreaker, a night inside an igloo, a dog-sledge ride, ice golfing or a skidoo race are amongst the possibilities. During the summer months Finland has even more to offer: from a hot sauna evening to exciting Quad drives and much more.

From conception to planning and realisation we customize incentive programmes to our clients´ expectations. Your mission will be ours. Your event will be tailor-made for you at the most competitive prices. Finland is a very fascinating, one of a kind European destination, which promises many unforgettable moments. Finland is easily reached and offers year-round outdoor activities in untouched nature combined with an European standard of comfort. You may stay in very good hotels, a traditional cottage or even in a historical hunting lodge. Your way to an out-of-the-ordinary Finland experience is quite simple. Just send us an email or give us a call and we will be pleased to put together a customised programme that will suit your needs and budget. We promise, your staff and clients will be most satisfied!